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samediskeleton's Journal

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29 September
alternate universes, androgyny, androids, animals, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, autonomous sensory meridian response, aye-ayes, baron samedi, bats, capybaras, castles, cathedrals, cats, charnel houses, cirque de la lune, classic horror, coffins, corsets, cryptozoology, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dark mori, dark ritual ambient, darkwave, dartmoor, deep sea creatures, digital mechanics, documentaries, dolls, drawing, dream worlds, dreams, dressing up, día de los muertos, eeyore, eroguro, eternalism, eyes, finding strange shops/things/places/people, gargoyles, gas masks, ghosts, glitter, goats, gothic architecture, gothic subculture, growing block universe theory, halloween, history, horror, horror figures & toys, jelly-bunnies, languages, learning new things, lemurs, making & creating things, marine animals, medical paraphernalia, miniature things, monsters, moonlight, music, music boxes, myotonic goats, mythology, nanopunk, neuropsychopharmacology, night, nightmares, nonsense, painting, pangolins, paracosms, parallel universes, philosophy, photography, poetry, polka dots, posthumanism, psychopharmacology, pumpkins, rain, random conversations, reading, red, romance, roses & lilies, science fiction, sculpture, shironuri, stars, stop-motion animation, strange dancing, strawberries, synthetic biology, tapirs, tarsiers, the moon, the paranormal, the simulation argument, the victorian era, tokyo, toys, transhumanism, translation, travelling, universal consciousness, unusual people, vampires, video games, vintage fashion, vintage horror, vintage horror toys, walpurgisnacht, writing, zombies

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